Saving tax on foreign company owned property

Property tax on foreign companies that own a property in Spain to be abolished

The Spanish government is proposing to abolish a tax that is currently levied on foreign companies owning property in Spain in order to attract more investment from abroad. The tax currently stands at 3pc per annum of the company’s holdings in Spain. The change in the law, currently going though the Senate, is expected to


Average house price in Spain fell by 16.5% in August, according to the Notary Association

Based on figures from the previous year, the Spanish Notary Association claim that Spanish house prices fell by 16.5% in August, down to just 1.176 €/m2, with apartments dropping by 19.7%, and houses by 8.2%. New properties came down by an average of 20.4% whilst resales dropped by 24.2%. Again, according to the same source,

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