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The 54th Nerja Caves Music Festival announces its program for summer 2013

The President of the Nerja Cave Foundation, Jorge Hernández Mollar, accompanied by the two vice presidents, José Alberto Armijo and Bendodo Elijah, and the manager, Angel Ruiz, today introduced the program in Fitur for the 54th International Festival of Music and Dance in the Caves of Nerja this summer.

The Festival will begin on Wednesday, July 24 (2013) with a concert by the classical string quartet of soloists of Salzburg, accompanied by renowned clarinetist Ferdinand Steiner. On Thursday 25th the Ballet of Victor Ullate will perform, which this year celebrates its 25 years of existence. On Friday the 26th will be the turn of singer Pastora Soler, Nerja’s Tourist of Honor, and will close with a concert by guitarist Manolo Sanlúcar together with the Malaga Symphony Orchestra performing the works of “Medea”.

In his speech, the mayor and vice president of the Foundation, José Alberto Armijo, stressed the importance this year that the cave has from a scientific point of view, as it could confirm that its paintings are the oldest artistic samples of Humanity. They also highlighted the artistic and cultural side, as this is the first time that the International Festival of Music and Dance has been presented in Fitur (Madrid). The mayor enthused about this year’s program and welcomed at the presentation the presence of both Pastora Soler and Manolo Sanlúcar. He also stressed that the official presentation of the festival will take place in Nerja in March.

In his speech, José Alberto Armijo has also announced he will request that the cave be declared part of the World Heritage. He also wished to thank the cooperation of other institutions such as the Provincial de Málaga.

The manager of the Foundation, Angel Ruiz, made mention to the careers of the artists who will perform this year at the Festival. Ferdinand Steiner is considered as one of the leading clarinetists in the world, currently a soloist with the Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra. He will be accompanied by the Salzburg Soloists String Quartet, which will perform works by Mozart, Verdi, Bizet and Gershwin.

Victor Ullate, is famous for having received the National Dance Prize and Gold Medal of Fine Arts. He formed the company in 1988, and instilled his personality through his own choreography. This year he celebrates his silver anniversary and the dancers that have passed through his ranks and gone onto worldwide success, such as Tamara Rojo, Angel Corella and Igor Yebra. The art of dance is a journey of different styles accounting its evolution through history.

Pastora Soler, despite her youth, has enjoyed a long career. From her first album, released in 1994 until today, she has achieved three triple platinum disks and four gold. Last year, she represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in September and was named Tourist of Honor for Nerja, 2012.

Finally, it was explained that the Festival will close with the first joint co-production with the Bienal de Flamenco de Málaga. The master guitarist Manolo Sanlúcar will offer the symphonic version of “Medea”, a piece created for the National Ballet in 1987. This time he will be accompanied by the Malaga Symphony Orchestra under the baton of renowned Italian, Carlo Palleschi, one of the most prestigious classical directors.

Tickets prices for all shows remain the same as last year, between 25 and 40 Euros, and will go on sale on the official website of the Caves of Nerja on the day of the official presentation of the Festival, which will take place in Nerja in March. Until then advance bookings can be made by email of the Foundation,

The Festival remains the most important promotional activity of the Caves, and has a budget of 230.000 Euros.

This year the production has been reduced to four performances, also eliminating the back stage dressing rooms, as recommended by the Scientific Council for the Foundation, in an aim to reduce the environmental impact that it has upon the caves.


53rd Edition of the Nerja Caves Festival on YouTube.

Paintings discovered in the Nerja Caves could be the oldest ever found.

Guide to Nerja.


53rd Edition of the Nerja Caves Festival on YouTube

The 53rd edition of the Nerja Caves Festival commences today, 17th July.

The chances of any unsold tickets are extremely low, but from experience they can sometimes be obtained by queuing on the day an hour or two prior to each concert at the ticket office outside the caves.

If you simply can’t attend this year, the Nerja Caves Foundation will be showing each night’s concert in HD quality on their official YouTube channel the morning afterwards:

Nerja Caves Foundation on YouTube.


Spring Music Concerts in the Nerja Caves

A series of Spring Concerts in the Caves of Nerja commenced 27th May and will run through until 17th June.

This is a new initiative by the Nerja Caves Foundation to promote the Nerja Caves with a series of music concerts in addition to the traditional summer concerts each year in July.  

The next concert in the series is this Sunday 17th June, at 11.00 am and again at 1.00 pm, in the “Sala de la Cascada” with classical music dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi. Nerja residents can gain free entrance to the concerts.

The Nerja Caves Museum is also open on Sunday from 4.00 pm with free entrance and can be found in the Plaza de España situated behind the Nerja town hall in the centre of town.


Tickets for the 53rd Edition of the Nerja Caves Festival now on sale


Tickets for the 53rd Edition of the Nerja Caves Festival now on sale

The 53rd edition of the Caves of Nerja International festival of Music and Dance has been presented in the Nerja Caves by the  Jorge Hernández Mollar, president of the Nerja Caves Foundation, José Alberto Armijo, the mayor of Nerja, and other various dignitaries.

The concerts will take place between 17th and 22nd July 2012, and will feature the Salzburg orchestra on 17th, the flamenco spectacle of Antonio El Pipa y Lola Greco on the 18th, the Baroque orchestra of Sevilla on the 19th, the Russian Ballet on the 20th, Pasión Vega in concert on 21st,  and the Comediants on the 22nd of July.

The good news this year is that you can buy and print tickets online at, avoiding have to queue at the Caves themselves. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased at the Nerja Caves museum in the centre of Nerja at Plaza de España, 4, situated behind the Nerja town hall. Prices vary between 25 and 40 Euros.

Having experienced previous Nerja cave festivals, these are concerts are not to be missed given the special acoustic surroundings of the caves, and given the limited number of seats available, booking early is recommended.


If you miss any of the concerts, or tickets have been sold out, you can see a repeat, the day after, of all this year’s performances on the official Nerja Caves Foundation YouTube website:

Nerja Caves Festival on YouTube.


Paintings discovered in the Nerja Caves could be the oldest ever found

The cave could contain the oldest cave paintings of humanity.

The ex Minister for Employment under José María Aznar, Manuel Pimentel, has recently taken part in a Spanish TV series on the Cuatro channel, ‘Cuarto Millenio’ to talk about the paintings found in the Nerja Caves.

He told the audience that recent carbon dating had shown that the paintings found in the caves are much older than previously thought. The data indicates that they are more than 40,000 years old, and that would make them oldest in Europe. They could even be the oldest cave paintings of humanity.

The curator of the caves, Antonio Garrido, stated that the carbon dating research is a multi-discipline project of conservation and research which started in 2008, and is helping in the study of the extinction of Neanderthal man, and his possible living together in the cave with Homo Sapiens.

Organic matter was taken from close to the paintings in the upper galleries of the caves, known as the Sala de Cataclismo, and sent to the United States for dating, which in both cases came back at more than 40,000 years. The researchers are now trying to establish whether the remains that were dated were in the cave before it was inhabited.

Although these paintings are in an area inaccessible to the public, a reproduction of them can be seen in the History Museum of the Caves situated in the Plaza España in the centre of Nerja.

The Nerja Caves were only discovered in 1959 by local people from the nearby town, and were officially opened to the public in 1961. Today, they are one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain. Each summer concerts are organised in the caves, offering an amazing visual and acustic experience of some of the world’s most famous orchestras, ballet and Spanish guitarists, such as Pace de Lucía back in 2007.

The zone from Nerja to Gibraltar is considered by researchers to be the last area inhabited by Neanderthal man, before his extinction. There are also other caves nearby in Rincon de la Victoria, situated just east of Malaga.


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