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Alhambra Palace Granada Andalucia

A city of fascinating history and exquisite beauty, Granada is one of Spain’s most cherished treasures- in fact; you’ll quickly see why Granada has garnered the nickname “Moorish jewel.” Situated in the southeastern part of the autonomous community of Andalucía, Granada comprises an important pillar of Spain’s most folkloric region. It’s the Spain of endless sunshine and popular imagination, the land of spirited literary heroes and passionate bullfighting, and the birthplace of delectable tapas and fiery flamenco.


Imagine Spain’s highest mountain peaks and the tranquil Mediterranean shore, and you can understand why it’s common knowledge around Granada that it’s the one place where you can spend the morning skiing and the afternoon soaking up sun on the beach. Between the soaring Sierra Nevada, whose snowcapped peaks provide a stunning backdrop to the Alhambra, the Mediterranean’s Costa Tropical (Tropical Coast) winding along the province’s southern border, and everything in between, the architectural beauty of Granada is tucked right into a region of vast natural wonder.

Patio de los Reyes - Alhambra - Granada
Patio de los Reyes – Alhambra – Granada

A colorful mosaic of civilizations molded the architecture, history, and culture of the alluring Granada we see today. From early Iberian settlements to distinguished Roman Empires, affluent Islamic Emirates, and conquering Catholic Monarchies, each left behind remnants of their glory days. The star, however, is Granada’s eight centuries of Islamic rule, an epoch of sensuous romance and enticing mystery which still characterize Granada’s two World Heritages Sites: the stunning Nasrid palaces of La Alhambra and the nearly disorienting web of streets of the Albaicín.

Granada’s atmosphere can only be described as typically Andalucían. Taking life as it comes, Granada’s 240,000 residents create a laid-back vibe mixed with the passion of its gypsy tradition and the liveliness of its vibrant and diverse student population. Relax over drinks in one of Granada’s terrace cafés, pack into the Plaza de Toros for an exhilarating bullfight, or step out into Granada’s animated nightlife scene.

Weave your way through the white-washed alleys of the Islamic Albaicín, explore the intriguing caves of Sacromonte, Granada’s traditional gypsy neighborhood, and the bustling Granada center to discover the cultural scene’s wealth of treasures.

Along with its one-of-a-kind display of Islamic and Christian architecture, the city is a stage for fantastic festivals and a hotbed of restaurants, cafés, museums, bars, and flamenco venues… just to name a few! With delicious food, breathtaking architecture, the scent of orange blossoms and jasmine, heart-stirring music, and so much more, a trip to Granada is without a doubt a treat for the senses.

Alhambra & Generalife

Patio of the Lions - Alhambra Palace
Patio of the Lions – Alhambra Palace

Harmoniously integrating nature and architecture, the utter beauty of the lavishly exotic Islamic complex’s palaces, patios, and gardens will leave you wide-eyed in awe. Very fittingly declared a World Heritage Site, the Alhambra reflects the unrivalled brilliance and extravagance of Granada’s affluent Islamic history.

Located northeast of the center, east of the Albaicín, and southeast of Sacromonte is the riveting La Alhambra complex. Setting out from Plaza Nueva, get up to La Alhambra via a hike up the Cuesta de Gomérez.


The Passion of Flamenco Music
The Passion of Flamenco Music

Emerging from the passionate hearts and souls of Andalucía’s gypsy population, Andalucía is still the place to see flamenco in its most genuine form. Many of Spain’s most famous flamenco performers have hailed straight from Granada’s traditional gypsy quarter, Sacromonte, where you can still visit the caves for impromptu performances!


The winding alleys and white-washed buildings of Granada’s historic Islamic quarter is not only the oldest neighborhood but is also the most characteristic, complete, and genuine Islamic district in all of Spain.


Not to be missed is Granada’s genuinely one-of-a-kind Sacromonte district. Comprised entirely of elaborate and still inhabited cave dwellings- yes, cave dwellings- dug right into the mountain, Granada’s traditional gypsy “barrio” certainly has an atmosphere and a style all of its own.


Spain's Famous Tapas
Spain’s Famous ‘Tapas’

A Spanish-turned-international phenomenon, the practice of the “tapeo”- which essentially boils down to glorified snacking- got its start right here in Andalucía. Today, as one of the few cities in which you can still get free tapas when you order a drink, Granada also has a reputation for adding a slightly more elaborate touch to its savory Andalucían tapas.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada - Granada
Sierra Nevada – Granada

Where in Europe can you snow ski and water ski on the same day?

Ski in Sierra Nevada, overlooking the city of Granada, and water ski on the beaches of the Costa Tropical, just an hour’s drive south to the coast.

The ski station is one of the best equipped in all of Spain, and offers – depending on the climate – nearly a six month season. The resort has a great selection of all types of hotel and apartment accommodation, restaurants, bars and night life and 100+ kms. of ski slopes, including off-piste – for all levels of skiers, 15 ski schools, 1,200 metres height deviation, 21 lifts, 353 snow cannons and the Sulayr Super snow park.

2014 – 2015 season: 29th November – 3rd May.

Tourism Offices

Municipal Tourist Office

Plaza del Carmen s/n., Granada – 18009. Tel: (+34) 958 24 82 80. Fax: (+34) 958 24 82 81. Email:

Provincial Tourist Information Office

Pza. Mariana Pineda, 10 bajo, Granada – 18009. Tel: (+34) 958 24 71 28. Fax: (+34) 958 24 71 27. Email:

Tourist Office of the Junta de Andalucía

Santa Ana, 2, Granada – 18009. Tel: (+34) 958 57 52 02 Fax: (+34) 958 57 52 03.  Email:

Tourist Office at the Alhambra

Avda. Generalife, s/n., Granada – 18009. Tel: (+34) 958 54 40 02. Fax: (+34) 958 54 40 07. Email:

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