La Vinuela

La Vinuela - Axarquia

The charming village of La Viñuela (Little Vineyard) is situated 45 kilometers from Malaga and 19 kilometers from the coastal town of Torre del Mar, in the stunning natural surroundings of the Axarquia region.

The village is located just south of the lake Viñuela, a man-made reservoir dating back to 1982, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the province of Malaga, and which not only serves to feed the land around it, but is also a perfect area for a picnic and where you can use light pleasure craft, canoes etc.  It lies in the centre of the valley and forms part of triangle of villages, with Periana to the North West and Alcaucin to the north east.  From here you can see right across to the Sierra Tejeda and the Boquete de Zafarraya Mountains, and flowing beneath is the River Guaro. En route you also have the small hamlet of Puente de Don Manuel.

On the eastern shore is the Hotel Viñuela, an idealic place to stay and relax whilst enjoying the panoramic views over the lake and to the surrounding mountains. On the west side there is a camping site with a restaurant overlooking the lake that serves up great local food and barbecued dishes.

Around town

The village of La Viñuela has been referred to by some locals as The Oasis of the Axarquia, as the town started off as an Inn on a royal road between Vélez and Granada, and from there it grew. The inn still exists on the main street of La Viñuela. There are some interesting monuments around town, including the San Jose Church, the hermitage of La Virgen de las Angustias and the Torre de la Atalaya (watchtower).


Each September La Viñuela holds a two-day festival, the Festival de la Pasa, to celebrate the raisin harvest in the local area.


The cuisine in La Viñuela is typical of the Axarquia region; specialties include Ajoblanco con Uvas (Garlic Soup with Grapes – excellent!), Choto a la Cazadora (Kid in Almond Sauce), Cordero Asado al Horno (Roast Marinated Lamb) and sweet Churros, fried dough sticks, a bit like donuts, dipped in hot chocolate, delicious!


La Viñuela enjoys a typically inland Andalusia climate, being extremely hot in the summer and temperate in the winter. The residents enjoy around 2,800 hours of annual sunshine.

Town Hall

C/ Granada, 13 – 29712 La Viñuela. Tel: (+34) 952 519 002 Fax: (+34) 952 519 088. Email:

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