Alcaucin - Axarquia

Alcaucin is a charming white washed village, situated away from the hustle and bustle of package holiday Spain in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Axarquia in the Sierra Tejeda mountain range, along the Route of Olive Oil and Mountains, Malaga province. The town is located approximately 54 kilometres from the city centre of Málaga and 25 kilometres from Torre del Mar and the coast. The town has a population of just under 2,500 inhabitants.


The town derives its name from the Arabic Al Cautin, meaning the ‘arches. There are two possible explanations for the town’s name, one being the existence of an aqueduct in the town, the other that the wood in the surrounding area was excellent for making bow and arrow weaponry. However, prehistoric sites have been found within the local surroundings of Alcaucin, including a cave where the remains of Neanderthal Man were found. Close to the village you can also visit the Castle Zalía, dating back to the Phoenician era.

Natural Surroundings

This is a perfect sport for hikers and ramblers, with the Alcázar Nature Reserve, the Olive Oil and Mountain route and the sulphurous springs of Las Majadas all found in the local region. When visiting Alcaucin, it’s definitely worth a trip into the mountains behind the village, to the Nature Reserve. You can walk or drive. Here the shade of Sierra Tejeda is broken into spectacular deep ravines that carry their water down the mountain, amongst pine trees and riverbanks. Nestled in the woods there are benches and tables for picnics and barbecue areas, controlled by the forestry commission.


The cuisine of Alcaucin is typical of the region with rice, meat and fish dishes being top of the menu. Also try a delicious tapa of Jamon (on the bone) or Chorizo sausage, both traditional from the local area.


On 31st October, what we know as Halloween, Alcaucin celebrates a Chestnut Festival, where literally thousands of kilos of chestnuts are consumed, together with delicious local sweet potato.


Alcaucin enjoys a typically inland Andalucia climate, being extremely hot in the summer and temperate in the winter, although when it rains the streets become awash. The residents enjoy around 2,800 hours of annual sunshine.

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