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Home staging improves sales

How to increase the value of your property

In today’s troubled market it is essential to present your home for sale in the best possible light.

Home staging is now recognised as an excercise definately worth carrying out when preparing your property for sale, for when the agent arrives to photograph it, and most importantly, when prospective purchasers come to view it.

Statistics show that potential buyers make up their mind within the first 60 seconds of entering a property. They need to imagine themselves living in the house that they visit.

Here are some tips to assist and help you prepare your property for sale or rent in a way that will allow potential buyers or tenants to have an immediate reaction and to “fall in love with the house”. It should also help you to attract more potential visitors / buyers whilst also improving its value.

Preparing your property for sale or for rent:

  • Thorough cleaning – a dirty kitchen or bathroom gives a very bad impression. It is also important to remember to clean the windows (letting in more light).
  • Lighting – Open curtains and turn on lights in darker areas.
  • Depersonalize to create a neutral environment – by packing away personal items, toys, photos etc. It is important that the potential buyer can imagine themselves living in the property.
  • Uncluttering – take away clothes and personal items to create the impression of space. Remove clothes out for drying during a property viewing.
  • Create a positive first impression from the entrance of the house.
  • Use neutral colours – there are many different tastes out there, but it is best to have the property as neutral as possible so that the majority of visitors feel comfortable in the environment.
  • A nice smell helps to give a good impression – Put scented flowers, candles or fresh air fragrances in rooms. Even use an air freshener in the vacuum cleaner.
  • Pets –  It is important to remember that not everyone likes them. If you have pets, ensure that the property is clean of animal hairs and aromas, and perhaps either remove them during a property viewing or leave them in the garden or terrace. Litter boxes should also be temporarily moved if possible.
  • Minor improvements or repairs - such as ‘touch up’ painting, repairs to flooring etc. Ensure doors, windows and blinds open freely.
  • The outside – it’s not just the inside of the property that is important but also the terrace, patio and garden areas. If you have a swimming pool, whether it’s full of water or not, ensure that it’s clean. And if you have a lawn, that it’s cut.

These points can make your home look bigger, brighter, more inviting and create a better first impression. Remember, you are trying to sell or rent a property, and not your home!

Before & After:

Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-01 Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-02 Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-04 Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-06 Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-09 Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-10 Before-and-after-real-estate-photographs-11

Visual Aids & Marketing:

  • Photography – Perhaps the most important consideration is that of good photographs. And it’s not just about the camera, but the photographer behind it! Many estate agents fail miserably in this department. Whilst most agents perform this task in-house, some use professional photographers. If you’re going to do it yourself, invest in a quality digital camera with a wide-as-possible lens, especially useful for kitchen and bathroom shots. Although mobile telephones take good exterior shots, their flash mechanisms let them down and don’t illuminate interiors correctly. Another tip is to select the best photograph as your lead image, the one that will appear first on your website, on a property portal or in an advertisement.
  • Video – If you use video, ensure a steady pan of interiors and exteriors. As a post production tip, render the video afterwards to take out shaking. There are applications that will do this for you. YouTube offer it free whilst Instagram provide their latest toy that will make your iPhone video look like you shot it on a rig.  You can also try 360-View photography, a software program that renders images together to create a video, ideal for both interior and exterior shooting. Whoever or whatever you use, ensure that the property is projected in the best possible manner.
  • Drones (UAV) – Capturing your property for sale using a drone-mounted camera is spectacular and is the latest technology available to showcase your home. Before rushing out to buy one, estate agents in Spain are now beginning to offer this service, sometimes as an add-on cost to the marketing of your property, in other cases, they will include the service if you agree to an exclusive period of sales rights. Alternatively, search online for a company in your area that can shoot it for you. You’ll be surprised that the cost isn’t that high, perhaps even cheaper than purchasing one, and the result could make your property stand out from the crowd! If you do decide to fly-it-alone, do some research first and even take some flying lessons! Using a drone can enhance the look of your property immensely, but only if it’s done well. Of course, if you’re selling an apartment, there’s not much to be gained from such a camera other than filming the area it’s in. If you have an independent villa, piece of land or business for sale , then the scope is much greater.

Here are a couple of videos that provide some tips to get you started:

Examples of a professionally photographed property:

Lounge with home staging

Home staged dining room

Home staged kitchen

Home staged bedroom

So, with a small investment you could raise the profile of your home and attract more potential visitors, buyers and tenants.

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