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What attracts foreigners to buy in Spain?

Recent studies of the different nationalities who buy a property in Spain have shown that the British continue to lead the ranking with 18.62%; followed by the French with 9.39%; the Germans, 7.25%; Belgians, 6.90%; Italians, 6.13%; Russians, 5.83%; Swedish, 5.83%; Chinese, 4.14% and the Norwegians with 3.74%. British 18.62% French 9.39% Germans 7.25% Belgians

Holiday tourist rentals Spain

Laws governing the rental of holiday homes in autonomous regions of Spain

Over a year ago the Spanish government passed a new law limiting the rental of tourist homes during the holiday periods, whilst also yielding its regulation to the different autonomous regions of Spain. Today, each region legislates differently, for example, in the Balearics; the regional government has restricted practically all forms of holiday rentals. Others,

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