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The Year in Review: 2015 – LPG SPAIN Property Portal



First of all, thanks to all our advertisers, now more than 300 estate agents throughout Spain, and secondly, to the ever increasing number of visitors who use LPG SPAIN to find a property for sale or rent. Without you all, it would be impossible for us to continue to grow and improve our service.

So a new year, and a timely moment to explain the evolution that our portal has undergone during the past year, particularly in the last quarter thanks to the effort, ideas and ongoing work of the whole team who make up LPG SPAIN, and above all, in trying to meet the expectations of our customers whilst adapting to all the changes and improvements they demand of us in order to offer the best experience and results for users and advertisers alike, ensuring our ongoing growth as a leading portal in Spain.

Throughout 2015 we have developed a series of changes and improvements to our portal that have resulted in a traffic increase of 136% when compared to the year 2014; this combined with all the work and investments made to date, has increased exponentially to the point that during just the first three weeks of this year we have exceeded last year’s entire average by 79%.

During the last two months important changes were introduced to improve the user’s experience whilst also ensuring a net improvement in the way an agent can be contacted for further information. By adding the Agent’s name and telephone number to each and every property detail, the enquirer can now also contact the agent direct in addition to the standard email form. Furthermore, the user can access the company’s details and mini website from where all the agent’s properties are listed, whether they are sales, rentals or holiday lets.

For example:

Step 1: Property Detail published by the Agency:
(Includes unlimited number of photos, YouTube videos, map location, Street View, prices changes made to the property, automatic translation of the property description from Spanish to English, mortgage calculator, foreign currency rates, and other details relevant to the user). CLICK TO SEE EXAMPLE.

Step 2: Click on Agent’s name to access their profile: CLICK TO SEE EXAMPLE.

Step 3: Click on the list to view all of the properties for sale (as well as long term Rentals or holiday lets) published by the agent in our Portal: CLICK TO SEE EXAMPLE. This will help the user to search and find similar properties in the area from the same agent thus increasing the number of enquiries.

Furthermore our system sends automatic email alerts to users who have signed up for ‘similar properties’. In this way, newly added properties from any agent that meet a client’s criteria will be sent daily to the client by email.

In addition, we continue to add more platforms to our property data management import systems, such as the popular Kyero feed, Resales-online, Best House, Habitania / Idealista Tools, Inmoba, Inmoenter, InmoPC, Inmovilla and Inmotek, allowing us to cater for virtually all major CRM’s operating in the real estate market in Spain, allowing an agent to continue to advertise with us even in the event that they should switch to a different management system.

During the course of the year, we will also be publishing a series of articles of general interest and useful tips associated with the real estate industry, the content of which we hope will improve results and lead to more successful transactions for the many agents that advertise with us.

We recently introduced a new Advertorial service for estate agents or developers who may have a special promotion or product that they wish to feature by way of an article that can be published independently and indexed in Google searches. What is an Advertorial? Find out more.

Combining improvements to date together with new tools and technology that we wish to bring online during the course of the year, it is our aim is to continually invest and improve to further benefit our growing number of customers.

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