As cement production increases in Spain, will we see a resurgence of cranes on the horizon?

Spain is No.1 in Cement Output, again. After eight long years during which the construction industry has become one of the most punished sectors in Spain, the country now leads the Euro zone in cement production. The year-on increase from 2014, although discrete compared to peak production levels prior to 2008, nevertheless sees a 14.4%


What attracts foreigners to buy in Spain?

Recent studies of the different nationalities who buy a property in Spain have shown that the British continue to lead the ranking with 18.62%; followed by the French with 9.39%; the Germans, 7.25%; Belgians, 6.90%; Italians, 6.13%; Russians, 5.83%; Swedish, 5.83%; Chinese, 4.14% and the Norwegians with 3.74%. British 18.62% French 9.39% Germans 7.25% Belgians


How European regulations affect Foreign Residents’ Wills in Spain

Introduction This article serves as a gentle reminder of the impact European Regulation 650/2012 will have on all foreign residents who live and own assets in Spain and who have made a Spanish will (I am particularly thinking of British and Irish nationals). European Regulation 650/2012, in force since 2012, introduces significant changes to Succession