An off-plan buyer wins his case for late completion by a Spanish developer

According to a law dating back to 1986 that regulates payments during the construction period of a new-build or off-plan property in Spain, the purchase can only be cancelled by the buyer if the property isn’t handed over according to the conditions and completion date as outlined in the contract. And if on completion, some

Resale property for sale in Spain

Resale properties outsold new properties in Spain during 2014

According to the official Land Registrar, 318,929 properties were sold during 2014, 200,065 of which were second hand properties (or resales) representing 62.7% of total sales and 118,863 (37.3%), were new properties. This implies an increase of 18.4% in second hand property sales over the previous year. Another significant finding is that for the first

Spanish court of law

Spanish Supreme Court: Banks should not benefit financially when selling off repossessed property

Spaniards are fighting for their right to hand their property over as payment to their bank when unable to maintain their mortgage repayments. When summoned to court to have their property repossessed, they discover that their property has been devalued and is insufficient to cover the debt to the bank. Furthermore, the bank in Spain

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Bankinter: 2015 will be the Year of Recovery for the Spanish Property Market

Bankinter expects an increase of at least 1.5% in property sales in Spain during 2015. This they attribute to a pent-up of demand from small and medium savers who have been waiting since 2006 to acquire a property, combined with the improving economic conditions and renewed access to mortgages, albeit still under stricter conditions than