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Leave your Property Leads to Us



Estate agents want to sell or rent their Properties as quickly and efficiently as possible. But to achieve this, they need leads. To get leads, they need to advertise. To advertise, takes time, and for many small agencies, time is an expensive commodity.

Nearly all estate agents have a website but as there are so many, not all of them produce the desired results in terms of the number of leads that are generated.

The alternative is to duplicate the agent’s properties on a website that does, such as a property portal. And the easiest way to do this is to simply export the properties via a data feed from the agent’s website to any number of portals. The properties are updated daily and all correspondence goes direct to the agent. It’s a one-off operation that saves time and leaves the agent free to do his job.

LPG SPAIN property portal can do this for you. Backed by over thirty years of direct real estate sales and rental experience in Spain, we understand both the needs of the agent who wishes to attract customers, as well as that of the client searching for their ideal property.

Some agents may have already created such a data feed and know what it’s all about, but many more out there haven’t, and may not know how to create one. One way is to contact their website designer, or alternatively, LPG SPAIN works with a UK based company that will create a feed for the agent which can be exported not only to us, but also to other property portals. Even more reason to do so as this frees up even more time for the agent.


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