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The Master’s Touch…


home-staging-interiorA story comes to mind, that of an auction where there was a very rare violin that nobody had noticed. When suddenly a man stands up, cleans and tunes it, plays a beautiful melody and to the astonishment of the public tenders start to rush in.

What changed the price of the violin? The answer is not only in the melody and the touch of an expert, but what they saw in the violin. The violin at first sight, was worthless but inside, had great potential. The same goes for a house. When a house is in disrepair, left dirty or messy, we tend to place little value. For the buyer, it’s the first impression that counts. Few people can see its true potential regardless of how it looks.

That’s why the Home Staging has become an indispensable tool in the housing market. The buyer wants to be sure they are paying a fair price for what they see. The seller wants show what best he has to sell, but one thing is not always consistent with the other.

home-staging-bedroomEach of us has a unique style and taste, and as the saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks.” What I may like isn’t necessarily acceptable to another, that is why our home and everything in it reflects something about us, but when you decide to sell, we must not think about ourselves, but about who may possibly buy it. It could be someone sophisticated or a person of simple taste. Since we can’t know a priori, our mission is to ensure the buyer sees the potential of our property, and not our taste dating back to the 70s.

Each property, sold or leased, can fulfill a function that may be right for the buyer, but like the old violin, doesn’t always show its best. Professional experts and interior designers can help us to create a first impression, a facelift, by distributing furniture to provide a feeling of space, light and harmony, and so create a cozy atmosphere where the buyer will feel at home.

It’s not magic, simply a way to learn to put everything in its right place. The property will be the same, but professionally, its strengths will be enhanced, providing the buyer with an image of its potential and whether it meets their needs.

With the crisis and fall in the housing market, Home Staging tools can encourage and accelerate movement in what is a punished sector.

home-staging-kitchen-2As in the case of the old violin a property may not appear to have much value, or could be just what you’re looking for; it all depends on letting the professional do his job and transform a house into a home.

Translated from an original article in Spanish, written and supplied by Marcia Rocabado of Mogo Design (www.mogo.es), interior design specialists in Madrid.

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