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The 18 ‘hot property zones’ in Spain


Although home sales have fallen 0.48% in the last quarter of 2013 and prices continue to drop, there are also reasons why real estate professionals see half a full glass, at least in 18 Spanish provinces as sales transactions increased with respect to the same period in 2012, according to data provided by the association of property registrars.

These ‘hot housing zones’ in Spain are mainly concentrated in coastal towns, where the best sales results were recorded in relation to their population. So house sales per 1,000 inhabitants in 2013 corresponded to the province of Alicante (13.36), followed by Málaga (12.57), Almería (11.93) and Castellón (10.31).

It is also interesting to note the excellent performance of the property sector in small provinces like Palencia (+28,48%), Soria (+26,46%), Las Palmas (+17,25%) or Lugo (+14,49%). En terms of overall sales volume, Madrid (46.188) has returned to lead the market, although their results have remained at levels similar to those of last year.

After the capital of Spain, Barcelona is next up (30,497), which registered an increase of 10.36% purchases, Alicante (24,754) with an increase of 11.67% operations and Málaga (20,085), an improvement close 8.5%

Palencia leads growth in the battered sector of new construction, which has suffered most during the crisis, with increased sales rising to 41% from 2012, followed by the provinces of Cáceres (+25,46%), Huesca (+20,82%), Soria (+18,37%) and Alicante (+14,48%).

With regard to resale properties, the best market area was Soria, which closed 2013 with a growth of over 43%, followed by Navarra (+18,96%), Huelva (+19,56%), Las Palmas (+22,93%) and Barcelona (+20.5%).

So far this year, the Spanish property market is showing some positive signs of recuperation and is fuelled to some extent by an increase in purchases from foreign investors along the coast of Spain, as indicated on the Costa del Sol.

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