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Selling your home on the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol - Spain
Costa del Sol – Spain

Are you struggling to sell or rent your home in Spain?

A great many property owners are currently finding it difficult and frustrating to sell their home in Spain. This isn’t to say that properties don’t sell at the moment. Despite the last five to six years of depression in the market many properties do sell, if they are priced right!

If a property has been on the market for a long time, it becomes stale. Despite an owner reducing his price to attract buyers, the purchaser today with the help of Internet, can see properties that stick on the market and will only enquire as and when it has an attractive price tag. If you are putting your property onto the market now for the first time, it is imperative that you obtain a realistic valuation in keeping with today’s values.

Many estate agents are still over valuing properties. There are various reasons for this…

They just want to expand their listings, they offer a higher valuation in the hope that they can get the property on an exclusive arrangement, they simply aren’t realistic or professional, the owner bought at the height of the boom and can’t afford to sell for less… and so on.

If you have a home to sell on the eastern side of the Costa del Sol, the inland region of Axarquia, along the Costa Tropical of Granada or in fact, anywhere in Spain…. you can now advertise your property for sale or rent in Spain on our website.

We look forward to being of assistance!

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