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Property in Axarquia



If you still don’t know Axarquia, you have to. The ancient area, located east of Malaga, in the south of Spain, is considered the place with the best weather in all Europe. Its sub-tropical temperatures, the always available beaches that spread through 25 kilometers and the pretty orange trees that are Axarquia’s hallmark make it one of the best vacation destinies in the world. Surrounded by the Mediterranean ocean and magnificent mountains, Axarquia is a true paradise.

The breathtaking area, with its big mountains and small villages, remains mainly traditional and free from the interest of big tourism groups. Almost all these little places dedicate to the culture of olive, almond and vine. It’s a simple world, where, currently, rural tourism and property renting still comprise the largest chunk of the local economy.

Recently, Axarquia has been the target of major investments in the tourism area and its resources. Nothing that can take away the sense of tradition that the region can convey, of course. These investments comprise, in total, three million euros that have been spread across 50 different initiatives. The goal is to boost the area’s appeal to the Spanish and foreigners.

These millions allowed the development of a visitor centre, located in La Viñuela and other projects like an information system with digital maps, the construction of a museum dedicated to honey, in Colmenar, the Galvez Museum, in Macharaviaya, and also the expansion of the Morisco de Sayalonga Museum. And don’t forget the numerous improvements that are being made in all Axarquia and the publication of several guides related with tourism (development and creation of souvenirs, urban landscape and nature or a traditional cookbook with all there is to know about the local gastronomy).

Aeria View of Frigiliana
Aeria View of Frigiliana

You can see that Axarquia is a great choice for your vacations and, once you tried it, you will want to go back. In this case, property analysis seems the right thing to do, since the region has country and village properties available for potential renters and buyers, without forgetting the luxurious villas scattered around Axarquia.

Fortunately, this region is still partly free from the problems that came with the real estate and construction crisis that hit the country. Property to rent and buy in Spain is in a stall. Before the crisis, purchasers wanted to buy cheap and then rent or sell to make more money, but the economy backfired their intentions. However, the situation remains different in Axarquia and to find a property that suits your taste and requirements all you have to do is talk with a trained professional.

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