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Energy certificates now required in Spain for properties for sale or rent

certificado de energia

From April onwards an energy certificate will be required to sell or rent homes in Spain.

Those who sell or rent a house built before 2007 will need a mandatory energy performance certificate. According to the Ministry of Industry, the royal draft decree will be approved this month but will allow a period of adjustment of two months before this becomes law in April 2013.

This is yet another requirement that comes from Europe and was expected to be adopted before 1st January this month. The industry ministry said that if this draft was not approved by the deadline, Spain would probably face a penalty from Europe.

Once the new law is enforced all owners who wish to sell or rent their homes must have available to the buyer and / or the tenant this “energy certificate”. Protected buildings and monuments will be excluded, as well as places of worship or residential buildings that are subject to a lease for less than four months a year.

Therefore, each house will have a label similar to those already used in electrical appliances indicating how efficient it is in terms of energy consumption. This label is currently used for new houses and classifies each property with a color code according to a scale of from “A” (the most efficient) to “G” (least efficient).


27 comments on “Energy certificates now required in Spain for properties for sale or rent

  1. BuySellRentSpain.com

    Do you have any information where we can obtain an energy certificate at all?

    Great article though, thanks for making us aware.

    • Robert (Administrator)

      The energy certificates can only be issued by an official and approved electrician in Spain. They will visit your property and make a report on its electrical instalation and provide the relevant certificate. In other words, don’t use a local the “sparks” unless he’s official!

  2. Robert (Administrator)

    Quite a few people have asked the cost of these certificates. It is claimed that an apartment of around 100m2 will cost approximately 250 Euros, which begs the question… will the cost be scaled according to the size of the property? We’ll have to wait and see but we’ll update this post as we get more info…

  3. Daniel Gonzalez

    Dear Robert , i appreciate your efforts in informing about epc`s in Spain

    To be quite honest there is very little information about this and until the law is approved by the council of ministers , we will not get the full picture.

    What i can say is that the only people that will be able to do the certitificates are : arquitects , surveyors , industrial engineers and official energy efficiency surveyors

    I say this because i am a official energy efficiency surveyor ( and also Spanish )

    Electricians will not be able to provide these certificates as the tecnichal knowledge to do so exceeds there qualifications and the above group of professionals are the only ones allowed to do this by the ministry of industry.

    I hope that i have helped with this

    I also recommend not to take out the certificate until it is law ( it could not be approved this month…could be years )

    • Robert (Administrator)

      Thank you for your contribution.

      Robert -- Admin.

    • carole petit

      Thankyou Daniel -- this was an extremely helpful, sensible, very informative and practical answer and one I will show to my clients if they request information about it.

      I would appreciate any updates regarding this and if it does become obligatory would you cover the Marbella area to carry out the inspections.

      Thanks again
      Carole Petit
      Halcyon Properties
      Puerto Banus

    • Peter Rastall

      With so much speculation on when these EPC’s will come into law (As the law has not been passed by the Spanish government, as yet, there is no idea of prices for these certificates. The only clue to possible prices are those charged in other European countries ). Let me remind everyone about what happened here in the UK. The EPC’s formed part of the HIP’s package which was brought in by law and has been subsequently scrapped. You can rent out your property or even sell it here without an EPC with no comeback whatsoever. I have bought a couple of properties in the last few years without any EPC,s.
      The explanation of anticipated cost of the EPC’s compared with the UK is that an assessor can take a 3 day course for his qualification and in Spain it takes 5 years.
      If it takes 5 years training to become accredited in Spain, why would anybody put so much effort into gaining a qualification that may or may not be required.
      Many qualified assessors in the UK have now packed up their certificates as the volume of work is no longer there.
      Why 5 years training? The module’s that calculates the energy performance of any property is a standard program which each country adopts to suit their climate. The measurements are put in and a description of ,windows, walls, roof ,floor, heating , lighting, insulation are fed in and the program calculates the efficiency of the building and even gives recommendations on areas to improve the efficiency.
      I would urge everybody to take extreme caution and not to panic into buying something that may or may not be required. I have never heard of anybody being fined for trying to sell or rent their property without and EPC.

  4. Robert (Administrator)

    Idealista.com reports today that the legislation concerning Energy Certificates could come into force on 1st June of this year, but is still subject to a final government decree.

  5. Juan sanchez

    Dear Chris . As you are a accredited official energy assessor in Spain . you are the right man to ask . i am spanish and have access to the full requirements of a energy assessor . You need to be either a surveyor , a arquitect or a industrial engineer ( not a air conditioning repair man ).

    Please clarify….which one of the above are you…because my “course took 5 years in a university and according to the new law only the above can produce the certificates. So unless you are one of the above…what are you trying to peddle people?????

    Do you even realise that nobody needs these certificates till they are approved by the goverment…anything else is just a waste of money!!!

    Your website states that the certificates will be needed by the 1 st of June.. at todays date 22-03-2013 the law hasent even been approved…hence nobody needs it…let this be a warning to people seeing this post. DONT LET COWBOYS CHEAT YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY and get your certificates once the law has been aproved by a reputable company

    You claim you are accredited..i suspect this is not true ( maybe you can upload your official title to this post or your website so that i can apologise for being wrong about you and everybody can see that you are not a fraus. What bugs me is people trying to cheap eachother and giving honest people like myself a bad name.

  6. Juan sanchez

    By the way chris , if i find out you are not a surveyor , arquitect or industrial engineer…i will report you to the college of arquitects and trading standards office

    • Chrisinspain

      If you would e mail me directly I will supply you with the information you are asking about. Maybe then you will retract your comments from the site

      • Juan sanchez

        Dear Chris..i have the perfect solution for you . if you are a arquitect , surveyor or industrial engineer in Spain, you will have a registered Nº belonging to the corresponding college ( as in the UK a surveyor belongs to RICS )
        I sugest that you publish in this blog your number and then i will gracefully apologise for being wrong about you.

        Bear in mind that these numbers are of public access and if you put a number that is false , you can be charged with fraud and even go to jail….i await your post

        • Chrisinspain

          I have asked you to e mail me directly and I will supply the details you are asking for. I am not prepared on a public forum to get into a discussion.

  7. peter cornell

    IS the price that i have seen quoted on some forums for real ?? In the uk for a 3/5 bed house it is 55 pounds ,who is conning who ? How can there be such a mark up? In the majority of houses in spain there is no damp proof course,not many have double glazing,CAVITY wall insulation !!!!! THEY do not EVEN know what a cavity wall is !! Roof insulation ??? AND SO ON !!! It just another cog for the big boys in the eu ,I.E another golden handshake !! The next item on the agenda will be the sceptic tank issue,THAT is going to be a major headache for most villages at least !!!

    • As the law has not been passed by the Spanish government, as yet, we don’t have any idea of prices for these certificates. The only clue to possible prices are those charged in other European countries.

    • Juan sanchez

      Im afraid so Peter , as the administrator said , around 250 for a 100m2 house . The difference in price compared to the Uk is beacuse in the UK , the assessor does a 3 day course to get his degree. In spain it must be done by a surveyor , arquitect ,engineer or oficial energy efficiency surveyor.

      The courses take years..not days, this is why they cost much more.

      Alos UK is the chepest counrty in EU for epc . In Germany avaerage epc cotst 500 Euros…Spains cheap compared to Germany and expensive vs UK

    • Dee

      Peter Cornell

      Your statement is incorrect .. my villa was build around 30 years ago and has cavity walls !!!!

    The Spanish government has now finally approved the new law governing energy certificates for resale property and property for rent in Spain to come into effect on 1st June 2013.

    Properties for Sale:
    Since 2007, new properties are obliged to have an energy certificate. However, from 1st June, all second hand properties must now also have this certificate in order for the property to be sold. The certificate, apart from categorizing the property in term of energy efficiency (A-G), will also be obliged to include information on ways to improve the energy characteristics of the property.

    Properties for Rent:
    The same applies to properties for rent as for those for sale, with the difference that the certificate will only be required upon property for rent in excess of periods of four months or more, presumably, exempting holiday rental properties.

    As a guide to assist implementing these certificates, the Spanish Ministry of Industry is publishing online programs, ce3 y ce3x, specifically for the use of the official installers who can issue the certificates.

    Furthermore, all government public buildings larger than 500m2 that are open to the general public will also be obliged to display a certificate of the building’s energy rating.

    However, the cost of these certificates doesn’t seem to have been published, as yet.

    El Consejo de Ministros ha aprobado el certificado energético que será obligatorio para los propietarios que quieran vender o alquilar su vivienda a partir del próximo 1 de junio2013.

    Viviendas en venta:
    Desde 2007, las propiedades nuevas están obligados a tener un certificado de eficiencia energética. Sin embargo, desde el 1 de junio, todos los inmuebles de segunda mano, ahora también tiene que tener este certificado para vender la propiedad. El certificado, además de la categorización de la propiedad en términos de eficiencia energética AG), también estarán obligados a incluir información sobre la forma de mejorar las características energéticas de la propiedad.

    Viviendas en alquiler:
    Lo mismo se aplica a las propiedades en alquiler como para las de venta, con la diferencia de que el certificado sólo se requiere para una propiedad en alquiler en exceso de cuatro meses o más, presumiblemente, eximiendo propiedades de alquiler de vacaciones.

    Como herramienta para facilitar la obtención de dichos certificados, por mandato del ministerio de industria, energía y turismo y del ministerio de fomento, el IDEA (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía) ha elaborado los programas informáticos ce3 y ce3x, ambos publicados como documentos reconocidos a disposición de los técnicos certificadores

    Por otra parte, todos los edificios públicos del gobierno de más de 500m2 que están abiertos al público también se verán obligados a mostrar un certificado de calificación energética del edificio.
    Sin embargo, el coste de estos certificados no parece que se han publicado, aún.

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    Contacten con nosotros y le asesoraremos para como conseguir el Certificado Energético.

  11. david-estepona

    Has anyone had any dealings with Artica Eergy Performance, I called them to inquire about making an appointment for a energy performance assessment and certificate and they came across as very professional, can anyone recommend them.

    • Charlie Mavros

      Hi David,

      I had a phone conversation with them and they are quite good in explaining what this law on energy certificates is all about. I heard one of their guys talk in Italk FM and quickly Googled them because I am selling my property for 1 year now and I definitely need the certificate to be able to sell. (Hopefully I’ve sold my house already by 1 June!) Anyway, I just emailed them for an assessment in 2 weeks and hopefully, all is done. Cheers.

  12. Robert (Administrator)

    Certificado energético: además de su coste habrá que pagar una tasa de hasta 40 euros por inscribirlo.
    El certificado energético tendrá un coste añadido por registrarlo en la administración.
    La tasa asociada por registrar el certificado energético de una vivienda costará entre 0 y 40 euros según la comunidad autónoma. La comunidad de Madrid cobrará casi 40 Euros por este impuesto asociado al certificado energético según certicalia.com, mientras que en comunidades autónomas como el país vasco el coste será gratuito. Por tanto, al coste de realización de la certificación energética (unos 200 euros de media) se sumará en algunas autonomías el coste de la tasa por registrar este requisito obligatorio a partir del próximo 1 de junio.
    Según certicalia.com, las tasas a cobrar por cada comunidad autónoma varía. Así, en Madrid registrar el certificado energético para obtener la etiqueta a exhibir en la vivienda costará 39,60 euros, mientras que en Baleares costará 4,78 euros, en Castilla la Mancha, 3 euros y alrededor de 12 euros en Galicia.
    En cambio, comunidades autónomas como País Vasco, Navarra, Canarias, Cantabria, Asturias o La Rioja el coste por registrar el certificado energético será gratuito, según señala la empresa certicalia.com.
    Fuente: http://www.idealista.com

    • Robert (Administrator)

      Se acaba de anunciar que el costo del registro de los certificados de eficiencia energética será libre de costo en las comunidades autónomas de Madrid, Cantabria, Andalucía y el País Vasco. Es posible que otras regiones podrían seguir su ejemplo.

  13. Robert (Administrator)

    Energy Performance Certificate: in addition to its cost you will also have to pay up to 40 Euros registration fee.
    The energy certificate will have an added administration cost for its registration.
    The fee for registering the certificate will cost between 0 and 40 Euros, depending on the region. The community of Madrid charges nearly 40 Euros according certicalia.com, while in regions such as the Basque country the cost will be free. Therefore, added to the cost of obtaining the energy certificate (about 200 Euros on average), will be the autonomous cost of registration, mandatory from June 1st.
    According certicalia.com, rates charged for each autonomous region varies. Some examples: 4.78 Euros in the Balearics, 3 Euros and in Castilla La Mancha, and around 12 Euros in Galicia.
    In contrast, regions such as the Basque Country, Navarra, Canarias, Cantabria, Asturias and La Rioja the cost to register the energy certificate will be free.

    • Robert (Administrator)

      It has just been announced that the cost of registering the energy performance certificates will be cost free in the autonomous regions of Madrid, Cantabria, Andalucia and the Basque Country. It’s possible that other regions may follow suit.

  14. The energy certificate in Spain or Spanish energy performance certificate is a report that describes how efficient a property: for homes, buildings or offices is in terms of energy consumption. It assigns an energy rating to each property on a scale which ranges from “A”, or the most efficient, to “G”, or the least efficient.

    Fully qualified technicals and assessors will visit your home and rate it according to the official energy efficiency scale of property. CENERGETICA includes registration process with the authorities and registration taxes to make it easy.

    Fully Accredited & Professional Team, Fast services, Best prices, Registration & taxes included and All supports

    The energy performance certificate is then valid for 10 years unless any renovation or changes to the property are carried out and it involves, if you want to improve it, an improvement of the energy range.

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