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Environmental study gives green light to the proposed 7-star Hotel in Almunecar

Hotel 7estrellas Almuñecar Granada España

Construction of the seven-star hotel in Almuñecar (Granada) has taken a giant step forward with the publication by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment Delegation of the Junta in Granada of the impact study upon the environment in the Peñón del Lobo urbanisation. However, the promoters must undertake a Comprehensive Restoration Project (Proyecto Integral de Restauración) to ensure the protection of the area.

The project was submitted between October and November 2011 at a public phase of the project and then onto the technical and legal analysis under the Unified Environmental Authorisation (AAU) that ensures integrated environmental quality. After this process, the Board has determined that it will not cause significant adverse impact on the environment “as long as the action is performed in strict compliance with the conditions set out in the statement.”

The environmental impact statement, signed by the territorial delegate, Sandra Garcia, corresponds to land classified in the General Plan of Almuñécar as Unscheduled developable land whose traditional uses of farming, now abandoned, have suffered a “quite high” level of transformation. The land is not within the limits of any communal area of importance, is not within any protected area for birds, or any other natural parks protected within Andalusia. In view of the characteristics of the project, the environmental report estimates that it “does not adversely affect the area that make up the “Natura 2000” network of protected areas or any others within the province of Granada.”

The most significant impact as stated in the report arises from the eventual implementation of the development project, and its effects upon the landscape and vegetation. To correct this, the promoter should develop a comprehensive environmental restoration study covering the entire area of the project.

The Unified Environmental Authorisation (Autorización Ambiental Unificada) procedure thus enters its final phase, and once a satisfactory judgment is made, it is likely that the final decision to proceed be issued “in the coming days.”


Construction of the first 7-star hotel in Spain to begin in 2012.

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