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Motril Port joins Málaga as a top cruise destination

Riviera - Oceanía Cruises

Riviera - Ocean CruisesMotril port in Granada now joins Málaga as a cruise destination for the Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical.

After many years of negotiations and improvements to the port, Motril authorities have signed an agreement with an American company, Ocean Cruises, to dock their ships starting this month with cruises planned up to October of this year. The first ship to arrive, the Riviera, was only completed a month ago and will complete cruises from around the Mediterranean and into the Atlantic and the Madeira Islands.

The arrival of these ships will create one day excursions to Granada and the Alhambra Palace, to local towns and villages such as Vélez de Benaudalla and the “Jardines Nazaríes”, the Nerja Caves and as far as Málaga itself. A wide variety of nationalities will be aboard these cruises from countries such as New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Israel, Belarus, Mexico, Cuba and the United States.

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