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Moving to Spain? Then read this book!

Me Miguel and the Bear

Me Miguel and the BearMoving to another country is a big decision. It certainly was for me and my family back in the seventies. Much more recently though a certain Yorkshireman, his wife and daughter decided to uproot and go for it!

They came to Spain. And they came to Nerja.

Many books have been written on the subject of moving to Spain and each one is a personal account of their author’s successes or failures. But most times, they are full of charming, often humorous, sometimes catastrophic tales of what may have gone right, eventually, despite all the trials and tribulations along the way, but however managed to get there in the end!

A new book has just been published available from Amazon, written by Steve Terry and called “Me, Miguel and the Bear”.

Now, I know the meaning of the title but so as not to spoil the story, I’m not telling you!

What you should do is buy the book and read an entertaining and true story of moving from Yorkshire to Nerja.

The book is available for 24.99 USD online at Amazon:

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