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Sell your Spanish property in a day… if the price is right

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Properties soldIf your asking price is right you will sell your property in a day argues José Luis Jimeno, Managing Director of Noteges, a leading Spanish property company.

You have nothing but your own unrealistic expectations to blame if your property doesn’t sell fast. That’s the conclusion Jimeno has reached based on his experience of this market. “The homes that have sold are 40pc on average below the price of other properties for sale in the area,” he recently explained in an article in the Spanish press.

So who is selling? Vendors who bite the bullet and drop their prices to be the most competitively priced on the market. They tend to be people who really need to sell, like divorcees, people who have lost their jobs, or people who have to relocate.

It’s vendors like this that buyers should be targeting. “You can have a home for sale for months or even years, but until you drop your price to where the demand is, you can forget about selling,” says Jimeno, whose organisation sold more than 6,000 homes around Spain last year.

Source: Spanish property “sells in a day” if the price is right claims expert | Spanish Property Insight Blog.

One comment on “Sell your Spanish property in a day… if the price is right

  1. Robert (Administrator)

    Over recent weeks, we have sold property in days of it becoming available because the price was right. On the other hand we hold properties that have been for sale for three and four years, and they don’t budge.

    Property owners complain that their property doesn’t sell. Yet they don’t realise that there are many more properties for sale than buyers available. It’s a 100% buyer’s market. The only properties that have a chance of selling in today’s market are those that stand out above the rest.

    Aligned to all of this is the scarcity of bank finance so cash buyers are looking for the best deal. Those properties that aren’t, simply won’t sell.

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